Markides Pub Quiz

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Markides held their third annual pub quiz on the 20th June, and would like to thank quizzers for the great turn out following our change of date. The competition was very tight but in the end, congratulations went to the winning team from HGH Consulting, with Matthew, Bridget and Alfie taking the prize with 36 points out of 50.

Hot on their heels were MAA Architects who scooped the second place with 35 points and a final round of applause goes to first-time attendees, LSH, who took home the wooden spoon but can hold their heads high, scoring 31 points against two tricky rounds of science and history questions.

HGH First3 MAA Architects Second2 LSH Wooden Spoon2 IMG 20190620 204729










We’d like to thank everyone who made it and look forward to the 4th quiz next year!

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