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At the weekend of 21st Sept the whole office travelled to Bologna to celebrate the 2nd year anniversary of Markides Associates.

It was an educational trip to learn about transport and place-making in one of the Academy of Urbanisms City of the Year Award finalists, but of course with some fun and team-building as well. Expertly organised by Panos, Sarah and Joe the trip included a meeting at the City Council where we had a presentation by the city’s planning Director about their strategic transport plans. We also had a tour of the city by Franco Righetti, a senior partner at Righetti and Monte (architects and engineers).

Everybody enjoyed the excellent food but perhaps the highlight of our visit was a 2-hour guided cycle ride around the city. Traffic is excluded from the city centre at weekends and this made the cycle tour much more enjoyable. Afterwards everybody enjoyed a beer (lemonade in the case of Andreas) followed by a visit to the Food fair at piazza Maggiore which is the city’s main square.

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Bologna is a beautiful city. It has the oldest university in Europe and is full of students - and hence  lots of life and noise till late at night! Another characteristic of the city is its endless colonnades which line either side of most streets (thereby protecting pedestrians from both rain and sun). It is rumoured that its colonnades total in excess of a staggering 40km!

All in all it was an enjoyable weekend and the race is now on to choose the venue for our 3rd year anniversary.

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