Arabella Completes 2 weeks Work Experience with MA


MA recently welcomed Arabella for her two weeks work experience.  Arabella is a GCSE student from Greenwich who is planning to study Engineering at University once she completes her A-Levels.  MA provided her with a great overview of transport planning and engineering getting her involved in traffic survey analysis, TRICS, sustainability appraisals, report writing and highway design.

MA recently received the following note from Arabella:

During my 2-weeks work experience I have learnt many different things.  Some of them were learning how to use the software and some how to write reports for the projects. As well as this, over the course of these 2-weeks I have learnt life skill like being in a work environment, planning a journey and planning my total expenditure.

From what I have observed about the office, it seems like a happy place with different friendships.  Even though people are focused on their work they would gladly help you.  I found the work very interesting as I took on multiple different tasks.

Overall it has been a wonderful experience that I am glad I had.  Thank you for allowing me to come and learn for the past 2-weeks.


MA are delighted to have assisted Arabella with her work experience and wish her every success for her future studies.

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